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Media and Public Get Cultured About Yogurt

A dairy company approached our agency with a specific need - to position their Duffy's Only Yogurt product effectively on the supermarket shelves and in the minds of every prospective shopper in the region. A preliminary but comprehensive product marketing plan was created. Extensive market research was initially conducted by a local university's Small Business Institute. A productivity analysis followed. Colorful product packaging was then created for high-impact shelf visibility. Retail pricing followed. The budget was extremely limited for actual marketing efforts thereafter.



It's important to strategize with your agency before planning any form of market or media exposure. Following are sample points discussed in-depth with our client which were then developed into a newsworthy selling strategy: What consumer behavior do we wish to generate or alter? What audiences do we wish to reach in order to facilitate this change? What penetrating, motivational message do we wish our audience to receive? In working from our message, what general understanding do we want our buying audience to believe? Does our overall message work synergistically with our promotional packaging?

A multi-media, multi-tiered news campaign launched. A newsworthy positioning statement was developed in order to both steer and sell the product and campaign efforts: "You wouldn't buy your milk from Seattle or New York - why would you buy your yogurt from there…? Since the yogurt product was produced fresh and not pasteurized, this consumer question steered the successful campaign by making the product newsworthy. It differentiated the product on the shelves with memorability, which increased the impact of the message - with repeated success.



Results: Superior product exposure with supermarket recognition and high customer response reached by targeting the press, delivering tremendous ROI - 166:1! From our campaign, Duffy May was interviewed and featured by various media and appeared as a special guest with the late Dave Thomas of Wendy's on NBC. This earned exposure extended over a one year time period and equaled to well over $420,000 worth of comparable ad dollars! Due to his enthusiasm, May was invited back by the network to guest host his own television program - and went from inventor to television personality!

"Many people have exclaimed, 'Oh, I read about you,' or 'I heard you on the radio and TV...' It still happens wherever I go, and that recognition makes my appearance so much more effective, since potential customers already know about me and my product. PR positioned us a step ahead of the competition for entering additional markets and launching offspring products! Publicity Works is responsible for this recognition!"

- Duffy May, Owner, Duffy's Dairy

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