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"...a wonderful mentor to me."
“Trish Doll has been a wonderful mentor to me. She has given me so much valuable advice in regards to starting my own marketing company along with motivation and encouragement. The energy that Trish exudes is contagious and you can't help but feel her excitement about her work and life in general. My personal opinion of Trish Doll is that she is a nurturing kindhearted, loving woman. My Professional opinion of Trish Doll is that she is a dedicated, hardworking, and is a successful professional and any business would benefit greatly from her expertise. I am very fortunate to be able to call Trish Doll a friend and colleague.”
Ashley Hoke, Student, Alvernia College


"...dedicated and enthusiastic..."
“Trish is a delight to work with - dedicated and enthusiastic - just what is needed for effective public relations.”
Cameron Foote, Principal, C. S. Foote & Company


“...her genuine enthusiasm..."
"I first hired Trish to help edit my book, The Crusade for the Lost City. She did great work and was very thorough in the editing process. After the editing of the book she wrote the query letter and sent it to three different agents. Now thanks to her I have a good shot of getting accepted to Writers House, the agency of my dreams. More important to me is her genuine enthusiasm in helping me become a published author.”
Chris Bisaccia, Author


"...passionate about her clients..."
“I've known and worked with Trish for well over 10 years. She is passionate about her clients and PR is what she knows. If you are trying to get your efforts, work, business or organization known Trish is the person to get the job done.
Christian Leinbach, Commissioner, County of Berks


“Trish is a powerhouse..."
“Trish is a powerhouse and is really focused on helping others. She seems to have boundless energy. Dynamic.”
Christine (Chris) Brown, Board of Directors, ATHENA International


"...impressed with her generosity..."
“Trish volunteered to help me with marketing my business as part of the Chamber of Commerce mentoring program. I was very impressed with her generosity, and her ability to "think outside the box"! She provided many ideas that can be implemented very easily and quickly suggested solutions to the problems I was facing. I would recommend her company to anybody starting a business or needing marketing help!”
Christine Costa, Owner, Bestgoldredemption


"Her work is outstanding..."
“Trish Doll is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she charming and delightful, she truly knows how to garner publicity. Her work is outstanding, and I highly recommend her.”
CJ Rhoads, CEO, President, and Founder, ETM Associates, Inc.


"...a true sensitivity to the arts..."
“Trish has a true sensitivity to the arts and artistic personalities. Her involvement in my last production proved to be instrumental in gaining marketing momentum, providing significant geographical outreach and developing invaluable professional and public relationships. Trish will become a constant in navigating the publicity for my creative projects.

Dambra Sabato, A Saturday's Child
An Arts & Entertainment Company


"...impressive creativity..."
“If you are seeking a dynamic go-getter to present your product or service to the marketplace, I highly recommend Trish Doll. Not only is she knowledgeable about her profession, Trish knows how to get the very best results for her clients, employing her impressive creativity and relentless passion for her work. In today's climate, it is reassuring to know that there are dedicated professionals like her who place the highest priority on their customers' needs and satisfaction. Particularly as a self-published author, I found Trish's advice and service invaluable in getting the word out about my book.”
Daria DiGiovanni, Author


"Trish knows this territory..."
“No organization should discount the benefits of "good" public relations in their marketing mix. Strategic planning, integration, and control are critical factors for success in this potentially volatile area of communication.
Trish specializes in PR! She has tested and refined her resources and relationships during many years of self development, practice and networking. Trish knows this territory and I recommend her professional guidance and services.”
David Green, President/Marketing Consultant
Hold Time Advantage/Sound Marketing Resources




"Trish Doll is a dynamo"
“Trish Doll is a dynamo. Her creativity and drive leads to very successful results for her clients. It's no wonder her company "Publicity Works" has been helping clients solve problems for over 20 years. Got a marketing issue? Need some publicity? Call Trish Doll and you'll be very happy with the results.
Dave Russell, Assistant Program Director/Promotions Director/Air Personality, WSBA-AM - now part of Cumulus (News/Talk)

"...get the results you are looking for!"
“Trish is an energetic public relations professional. She works hard and diligently on your behalf. She gets the job done and can get the results you are looking for!”
Dave Speace, Video Producer and Author


"...a creative force that is unparalleled."
“Trish Doll is a creative force that is unparalleled. She combines effective PR and marketing with the vision to take a project beyond the realm of the expected to the extraordinary! With unbridled enthusiasm and tenacity, Trish has continually achieved outstanding results for her clients. Anyone seeking a true professional who can flawlessly take their business to the next level needs to work with Trish Doll and Publicity Works.
Debra Deysher, President, Double D Media LLC


"...high integrity..."
“Trish has amazing energy, is very creative, and delivers excellent results based on the client's needs. She also has high integrity and volunteers her time to make her community a better place."
Diane Galutia

"...extremely professional..."
“It was my pleasure to work with (and for) Trish for more than ten years before I stepped back somewhat from writing. It was always a pleasure because Trish is extremely professional, with her clients' needs uppermost in her mind. At the same time, she never loses sight of the importance of kindness in work situations, and maintains a delightful sense of balance and humor. We are "in touch" friends to this day."
Dick Lee, Owner, Leeworks Writing Services


"...knows how to produce results."
“You will not meet anyone with as much energy, compassion and smarts as Trish! She's an amazing go-getter who knows how to produce results. If you are thinking about hiring her, don't hesitate for a moment. She won't disappoint."
Donna Francavilla, Frankly Speaking Communications, LLC

"...charismatic, energetic and brilliant..."
“I met Trish Doll when I spoke to the Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce. Before the speech, I had the privilege of talking with her during lunch. That was all the time I needed to realize that she is a charismatic, energetic and brilliant professional. Since that time, I have enjoyed communicating with her regularly. One would be hard pressed to find a more capable person in the public relations profession. I look forward to working with her often in the years to come.”
Jeff Beals, Author & Speaker, Keynote Publishing


"...enthusiasm and dedication to the arts..."
“I am very happy to write this endorsement for Trish Doll. I came to know Trish as the parent of one of my elementary orchestra students during the last few years of my teaching career. When I announced my retirement in April of 2009, the school district decided to discontinue the orchestra portion of the music program. This program had been in existence since 1931. Immediately, Trish sprang into action to prevent this from happening by organizing the S.O.S! or "Save Our Strings!" initiative. She gathered facts, figures regarding the academic/social benefits to children that a string/orchestra program provides. She organized students, parents, community members and string educators in support of this initiative. Her presentation to the school board changed the course of their action, and she single-handedly saved the orchestra program. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the arts, and likewise to the students have left an impact that will be felt for a long time to come. I know that anyone who would work with her would notice her enthusiasm immediately, as well as her cheerful, personable and outgoing demeanor.
Jeff Hackenberger Retired Music Educator
String Instrumental/Orchestra Instructor
Eastern Lancaster County School District


"...ideas and wisdom..."
“I had the pleasure of serving with Trish on the Chamber's Marketing & Advertising Committee. Her contributions of ideas and wisdom were greatly appreciated.”
Jennifer Leinbach, Communications Director
Greater Reading Chamber of Commerce & Industry


"...a high-engergy professional"
“I have worked with Trish on community committees and as a client. She is very creative and a high-engergy professional. Her thinking is always out-of-the-box."
Joni Naugle, Principal, FOCUSED, LLC

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