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Publicity Works Privacy Policy

Publicity Works, LLC (the "Firm") is a marketing-communications consulting practice specializing in growing revenue of professional and community service organizations through market analysis, planning & implementation, advertising, promotion, public relations, lead generation and business development - representing a diverse national and international client base. The Firm publishes this Privacy Policy to reaffirm its commitment to maintaining the privacy of our clients and potential clients in the electronic environment and to inform you of the Firm's practices regarding the collection and use of information you may provide the Firm while using this website.

Visitors to the Firm's website are not required to reveal any individually identifiable information, such as name, address or telephone number, nor is such information collected passively by electronic means. Use of the Firm's website does not create a consultant/client relationship with the Firm or any of its strategic alliances. The Firm uses web servers to collect other information, such as the type and version number of a visitor's browser software and the Internet domain name of the location the visitor enters from. This information is used to help the Firm respond to technical problems involving this site and track the areas of greatest interest to visitors. This information is collected so that the Firm can better serve its clients and other visitors interested in the Firm's services.

Some pages within the Firm's site ask visitors to provide individually identifiable information such as a name, address, telephone number or e-mail address. Usually this information is requested so that the Firm's consultants can respond to inquiries from visitors to the website. Visitors know when this information is collected because they are asked to complete a form and submit it to the Firm.

The Firm collects this voluntarily provided information either to deliver services to those requesting them, to provide client support or to administer accounts with the Firm. The Firm occasionally compiles information obtained through the Firm's website to inform clients and potential clients about recent marketing developments, new services offered by the Firm and/or events involving the Firm that may be of interest. This information is never shared with other individuals or companies. Similarly, the Firm does not sell lists of its clients or in any other way divulge information protected by the client service agreement.

The Firm takes technical, administrative and physical steps to protect against the unauthorized access to, and disclosure of, individually identifiable information used to serve its clients. The Firm's website is maintained on separate computer servers from the Firm's primary network computers where confidential client information is stored. All information is handled securely within the Firm and is not disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

As communication technology continues to evolve, the Firm will from time to time review and revise its data protection practices. Changes will be incorporated into this Internet Privacy Policy where appropriate.

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