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Save Our Strings

A Letter of Testimony

"Success is not built on what we accomplish for ourselves;
its foundation lies in what we do for others."

"This is the philosophy of Trish Doll, a local award-winning entrepreneur, dedicated mother, and one who bases her life and work on stewardship and giving back to the community! Her volunteerism equals heroism for she gives above and beyond to others. One of the many examples is her initiative to save classical music in the local school district after receiving word of budget cuts. She created the Save Our Strings (SOS) Initiative and rallied the communities of parents and students together that involved months of hard work. As an end result, she managed to convince the school district and saved the string program-preserving the arts in schools - her passion! Trish continually enriches the lives of those around her -may her desire to foster string music education in schools grow nationwide for generations to come.  I came to know Trish as the parent of one of my elementary orchestra students during the last few years of my teaching career.


"When I announced my retirement in April of 2009, the school district decided to discontinue the orchestra portion of the music program. This program had been in existence since 1931. Immediately, Trish sprang into action to prevent this from happening by organizing the S.O.S! or "Save Our Strings!" initiative. She gathered facts, figures regarding the academic/social benefits to children that a string/orchestra program provides. She organized students, parents, community members and string educators in support of this initiative. Her presentation to the school board changed the course of their action, and she single-handedly saved the orchestra program. Her enthusiasm and dedication to the arts, and likewise to the students have left an impact that will be felt for a long time to come..."

Jeff Hackenberger Retired Music Educator
String Instrumental/Orchestra Instructor
Eastern Lancaster County School District

Community-wide Reach Out Campaign

Governor's Commendation

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