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What in the world does the violin have to do
with Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations?

"Driven by my passion for music and excellence since childhood, I've incorporated this very philosophy into my agency's signature brand, using its integrity as a foundation of influence to promote and preserve the future success of the arts." 

- Trish Doll


Publicity Works owner Trish Doll can claim a rich musical lineage growing up with relatives as longstanding members of the Philadelphia Orchestra's string section.

She has been reaching for excellence since age 5, when she began taking interest in violin lessons. Later realizing that music was not her singular passion, she chose instead to attend college. She graduated with a B.S. in Communications while radio disc jockeying and reporting/writing for area media and ad agencies. Meanwhile, she continued to perform with musical groups and orchestras. Since then she's parlayed her passion for musical excellence into the business world, working to enhance her clients' own profitability through PR-based marketing strategies.

Award-winning Publicity Works serves diverse clientele - from small business entrepreneurs to global corporations and its success has been well documented in the media.

Energy, enthusiasm, timeliness, integrity and - as clients quite often remark - great tenacity... these ingredients of every successful, hard-working musician are what Publicity Works brings to every client's business marketing plan!

Interviewed regularly by the press, Doll was also featured in national PRWeek magazine for her unique customer service, by serenading clientele with her violin.

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Firmly believing in the benefits of arts education and programs, award-winning Publicity Works focuses on creating arts-friendly relationships and environments and donating time and services to foster and maintain arts programs in its community. A violinist and owner of the company, Trish Doll, creates an artistic work atmosphere by serenading clientele with her violin during business meetings. In its community, Publicity Works supports the arts through a variety of ways: via hospice certification, providing pro bono music therapy services to hospice patients and families, advocating for local youth arts programs, and incorporating arts media and events into proposals for clients.

Recently, Publicity Works took action to halt the budget cuts of the local school board,

which planned to eliminate the school district's classical strings program. The grassroots initiative, spearheaded by Publicity Works, was labeled "Save Our Strings" and unified supporters who understood the importance of preserving the music program. Fueled with a passion for the arts and armed with PR tactics, Publicity Works reversed the decision of the school board and led the community in saving the valuable strings music program. Publicity Works also publicized and organized a monumental arts event in its community for civil war authors. The local orchestra performed Civil War music of the famous spectacle, A Lincoln Portrait composed by Aaron Copland, during which an actor recited a composed speech by Abraham Lincoln to

provide the audience with a unique, artistically patriotic experience. Publicity Works helped create enthusiasm and interest for the arts within its community, as the event generated the largest audience attendance in the orchestra's history. In hosting a number of community fundraisers for school art programs and by organizing initiatives like "Save Our Strings," Publicity Works has planted the seeds for a coalition of arts, local government, and businesses in order to promote a higher appreciation for, and cultivation in, the arts within its community. Trish Doll was also honored for her work with two Governor Proclamations, acknowledging her dedication for setting a standard of excellence for the community and other business leaders statewide.

- Business Committee For the Arts

   A Division of Americans for the Arts

   Publicity Works Program Awardee Excerpt

   BCA10: Best Companies Supporting

   the Arts in America, 2011

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