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Name shortens and firm expands brand

"Even though we’ve shortened our name, our firm continues to grow,” says Mervin A. Heller, Jr., the law firm’s managing partner.

An increasing number of law firms nationwide are shortening their lengthy register of weighty surnames to clever brand names that are clean and snappy. The goal is to help establish a new brand identity similar to corporate America brands like Pepsi®, Coca-Cola® or Nike® for easier memorability and marketability. In addition, most law firms relied solely on direct lawyer/prospect contact sales -- but these days more and more of these efforts are being augmented by the soft sell of marketing public relations and Internet presence for client acquisition, growth and retention. Of these components, public relations is the credible key, since law firms primarily sell first and foremost via lawyer-to-client relationships - then by the practice area – and lastly by the firm.


The full-service law firm practice of Leisawitz Heller Abramowitch Phillips, P.C. can trace its roots back to 1955. Based out of Wyomissing, PA, the firm approached our agency in order to discuss, adopt and implement a forward-moving identity, covering various phases of marketing public relations objectives within the realm of firm branding. The key to the firm’s success is the focus on strategic and forward thinking – towards solutions and results for clients. The perpetuation of the law firm’s branding was dependent on a solid marketing thrust that involved a proactive approach to clientele.


Initially we conducted a branding and positioning exercise to discover the firm’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) – the critical tool in defining brand. The “experience” of the firm’s attorneys developed as the strength; and “commitment” to client service repeatedly surfaced as the firm’s passion. Use of the SWOT analysis was also identified by variable factors. This information would be representative in the firm’s final nomenclature logo and tagline. Through this process, the firm’s associates and partners decided to shorten the name to Leisawitz Heller for (a) easier identification and communication in the legal marketplace, and (b) to maintain the official longer, legal name for the partnership and its integrity.


Branding distinguishes and powerfully communicates service values and identifies business culture while demonstrating a firm’s unique leadership and compelling capabilities. A corporate identity brochure with individual attorney bios and practice areas followed along with a complementary, communicative website and ancillary marketing public relations, which included the pitch of a media book. To capture community interest, high-profile PR was further personalized by melding attorney interests and volunteerism with attention-getting business news headlines, coordinated cleverly with news about the firm’s expansion.

"Thank you so much for your tireless efforts and perseverance in dealing with our law firm over the past two years in leading the efforts in handling our public relations, establishing our new website and creating our firm brochure. Your perseverance and patience in dealing with our law firm and our many strong opinions and egos was exemplary. The compliments that we have received about our brochure and our website from friends and clients speak volumes to your ability to identify our law firm's business culture. My thanks to you and your organization for all your help."

"When you look in the dictionary under the word "energizer", it's probably not a bunny pictured there banging on a drum, but rather a picture of Trish Doll. She brings enthusiasm and vitality to every project, and a cheerful attitude, which adds pleasantness to meetings. She is truly a unique person."

MERVIN A. HELLER, JR., Managing Partner,

"Our new nomenclature for the firm"

Our Leisawitz Heller Brochure

A sample Bio - one of several

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