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Repositioning book in the marketplace calls for 'return to ethics'

"New book release by Reading, PA native calls for return to ethics. Who needs ethics? Marrella’s In Search of Ethics says we do. The alternative is chaos."

The above is the newsworthy headline that crystallized into the successful and diversified launch for author, Len Marrella and his book, In Search of Ethics ... Conversations with Men and Women of Character.


“My purpose for this book is simple and practical,” says Marrella. "My intent was to search for and exemplify those people and institutions who have achieved success and who did so without lying, cheating and stealing their way to the top.” A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Marrella went on to have a distinguished military career, serving in NATO, Vietnam and with the Defense Department. As founder and president of the Center for Leadership and Ethics, Marrella produced a work in keeping with his passion “for a more ethical world.” He came to us seeking repositioning -- PR performance that would surpass the initial press work provided by a previous PR agency.


Marrella cares…and through his book, is convinced that a society in ethical decline is a harbinger of chaos. Instead of simply announcing the book, we focused on Marrella’s philosophy and created a powerful headline for our PR efforts. We drilled this down further into a series of powerful news campaigns that targeted several varied markets and audiences, individualized per the “moral exemplars” featured in his book. This was powered by an influential bio, heavy media relations, excelled media outlets and book signing advisories as well.



Results: Through our PR efforts alone, we expanded the territories for book sale interest, causing the need to supply supplementary books to additional retailer outlets! Our targeted press efforts resulted in speaking engagements and several feature stories in unexpected and varied markets – from business to religious sectors and general audiences in local, regional and national media. Len’s book is now required reading for all incoming cadets of the US Military Academy.

"Trish Doll and Publicity Works are a creative and tenacious firm. They know how to focus and get results! Their efforts resulted in a number of positive news stories and speaking engagements."

-Col. (Ret.) Len Marrella, PhD, President & Founder,
Center for Leadership & Ethics

Dr. Len Marrella’s Biography

Dr. Len Marrella’s official bio won’t tell you that he once captained the West Point baseball team, and that his “biggest thrill” was throwing out Willie Mays at home plate (“…a cadet actually had the nerve to embarrass me in an exhibition game. Hard to believe, isn’t it” said Mays in a keepsake letter years later).

Or, that as class president at Reading High School, he played in the same backfield with NFL Hall of Famer Lenny Moore. Or that he once scored 53 points in a CYO game for Holy Rosary and went on to set a Reading Club League record of 81 points in another game.

It won’t tell you that he was also a leader academically, serving as National Honor Society president.

Or that he was an undefeated boxer at West Point.

There is no mention in his official bio that he served at NATO’s land forces headquarters in France and was stationed at Nha Trang, Vietnam with the 54th Signal Battalion. And there’s nothing about the Bronze Star he was awarded, along with the two Legion of Merit medals and a special citation from the Secretary of the Army.

But they are his special memories, the struts that went into structuring his own foundation of character. Combine these special achievements with those that are normally listed:

  • Challenging assignments with Defense Department Acquisition projects

  • Recruited by International Paper Company as their director of capital projects

  • Selected by IP as its official spokesperson to Wall Street

  • Obtained an MBA and Doctorate in Finance

  • Partner in the Spring Ridge Financial Group

  • Radio talk show host


…and one begins to understand why Dr. Len Marrella is eminently qualified to speak out on a topic as singularly important as ethics for today’s society. As founder and president of the Center for Leadership and Ethics, Ltd., Len has a vision: to heighten public awareness and exemplify the fact that real success is built on a foundation of integrity, ethics and character. He has authored In Search of Ethics and is a sought-after speaker on leadership and ethical issues.

Len is married to wife Dolores. They have three grown daughters.

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