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Portrait of a Civil War Author

Other than our great news hooks, book signings, retailer/literary outreach efforts, and phenomenal media exposure - traditionally quite typical for an author’s marketing, we challenged ourselves further to create an extraordinary, never-been-done-before promotional idea for the launching of a Civil War novelist!


On July 12, 2008 our concept of launching a Civil War author via a poignant orchestral performance, Copland's "A Lincoln Portrait" came to fruition and was narrated by nationally-renowned Lincoln portrayer Jim Getty, and featured book signings by not only one Civil War author – but three! On top of the great success, owner Trish Doll performed as violinist in this orchestral event!

Prior to this memorable performance, our targeted PR for this author produced a Number One search ranking for Civil War authors on Google!


This was truly a rare performance of this caliber with over 1,100 attendees – a packed house - inclusive of book sales, media exposure and donations to the Reading Pops Orchestra.


In 1942, shortly after the U.S. entered World War II, conductor Andre Kostelanetz commissioned Aaron Copland to compose a work to fortify and comfort people during that time of national distress. Copland felt overwhelmed by the assignment, but eventually came up with a work that has since become a touchstone in times of crisis, and one of the most enduring works in American music, ‘A Lincoln Portrait.’ Copland used excerpts from different Lincoln speeches, combined with musical quotations from American songs, such as "Camptown Races." Various people have narrated the work -from James Earl Jones to Gregory Peck to Marian Anderson to Al Gore.

"Filling that house, and it was a new venue, shows the effectiveness of Publicity Works. Bravo!"
-Jim Getty

"Trish Doll combined her marketing knowledge and expertise to bring together the Reading Pops Orchestra, the Muhlenberg Community Chorus, Lincoln Portrayer Jim Getty, Civil War Authors Bob O'Conner, Ron Young, and T.K. Marion to produce a community event which attracted over 1,100 to enjoy ‘A Lincoln Portrait’ and Patriotic Concert."
Willis Rapp, Conductor, Reading Pops Orchestra


"The 'Lincoln Portrait Concert' was not only an enjoyable event, but a step back in time to honor the greatness - Abraham Lincoln. Jim Getty, as Lincoln, added to his legend as a gifted, endearing performer. Trish Doll deserves the highest kudos for her diligent work in helping to make this memorable evening a huge success."
Author, T.K. Marion


“This was a very good event to participate in for me as an author. The event was well publicized and there was a large crowd. I was pleased that I was invited to participate!”
Author, Bob O’Connor


"What a great event for the community and participants that Publicity Works put together with the Reading Pops Orchestra, The Muhlenberg Chorus, Jim Getty, myself and fellow Civil War authors. Thanks!"
Author, Ron Young

Cindy Allen of the Reading Convention & Visitors Bureau
in Period Dress

"This was truly not only a unique event but thoroughly enjoyable as well. Trish Doll did an amazing job with the Lincoln Portrait not only by locating and coordinating all the great talent that was present, but she also did an excellent job promoting this event. And as if that wasn't enough, being one of the excellent musicians in the Reading Pops Orchestra preformed that night as well. This event not only brought out music lovers but historians as well, locals and out-of-towners, too! I talked to a senior couple that lived 3 blocks away and I also talked to family from Harrisburg whose 14 year old son is a Civil War enthusiast.

Greater Reading is so very fortunate to play host too many wonderful events of this caliber. It's no wonder The Greater Reading Convention & Visitor Bureau and our members saw an increase in traffic to our website and request for visitor guides over last year. Thank you to Trish Doll and all those who participated in the Lincoln Portrait - Bravo!!"

Audience Before Concert

Audience Before Concert

Dr. Rapp Conducting

Dr. Rapp Conducting

Jim Getty Reading

Jim Getty Reading

Dr. Rapp Conducting

Dr. Rapp Conducting

Jim Getty Speaking

Jim Getty Speaking

Ron Young and Crowd

Ron Young Discusses his book

Audience During Intermission

Audience During Intermission

Trish During Recognition

Trish recognized for the successful Concert

Bob O'Connor Making a sale

Bob O'Connor signs a book

Tom Kubicek Signing a Book

Tom Kubicek Signing a Book for a customer

Jim Getty & Trish Doll

Jim and Trish pose after the Concert

Jim Getty & Dr. Rapp

Jim and Will pose after the Concert

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