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Making Location Work

High Associates has offices and properties throughout the eastern United States and manages several major corporate centers, nearly six million square feet of commercial/industrial facilities and well over 2,800 upscale apartment units.

Positioned on 200 picturesque acres among the rolling hills of western Chester County, PA, the newly developed Highlands Corporate Center was located in a region well known for its strong economic base and growth potential. However, in real estate, location is everything - and ironically, the Center faced a negative perception factor - its location! Many prospective tenants viewed Highlands as "out in the desolate farmland— too far out as an unrecognizable business address." And since Perception is Reality in PR, this needed to be addressed in High Associates' persuasive sales marketing efforts.


We took this negative perception and turned it around into a positive by actually incorporating the location problem right into an effective campaign. We compared Highlands to its prime competitor locations with live traffic photography shot during rush hour. The photos revealed the true beauty of Highlands - fresh air and open roads - and unlike its competitors - no traffic congestion. Initially, a tagline slogan was developed to steer the marketing brand for Highlands entitled "far from the maddening crowd". This positioning drove the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), which was then carried through a three-part, PR-driven ad campaign including all complementary press marketing materials and communications. A fabulous corporate identity brochure followed.


The Publicity Works campaign performed so well and its branding became so popular that both positive responses and signed lease agreements were delivered. Since the marketing campaign commenced, the occupancy level at Highlands Corporate Center increased from 55% to 100%! Due to its creativity, memorability and effectiveness, the campaign went on to receive several marketing awards for excellence as well. All follow-up marketing-public relations materials and programs were tailored around this innovative campaign.

"Since our creative marketing campaign began, we've received many positive responses and signed leases! Our occupancy level increased from 55% to 100%..."

- John Newton, Fmr. Sales, High Associates

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